Fully accredited and qualified Masseur in London

Hi, I’m Ronnald (Ronny)
I provide a high quality massage service, tailored to each person’s very individual needs, based on 17 years’ of bodywork, healing, professional training and life experience. Everything I do is done to meet my clients’ high expectations.
When was the last time that you felt really good in yourself, when your body was in the peak of health, and you felt balanced and relaxed?
If you can’t remember when it was, then isn’t it time that you do something about it?
Massage is a wonderful way to help your body to renew and maximise your health, and eliminate aches and pains, enhance your wellbeing and expand your energy levels.
I can improve how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally.
It just feels amazing lying on my heated massage table and let go of you worries and troubles.

I offer you the highest quality massage which will leave you utterly relaxed and refreshed. You will feel completely renewed in your being.

Look around my website and get inspired to feel great again.

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This is a premium high quality massage service.
Born in Germany I have lived and worked in the UK for the last 20 years.
Educated and trained in the five star Hospitality industry. I work as a travelling butler and when I’m not on tour with my employ I follow my life passion and run my own massage clinic from home.
There’s a big difference between a general relaxing massage, and a highly specific therapeutic massage. For a treatment to be truly therapeutic, you need a much higher level of skill, and a greater repertoire of techniques.

I’m specialised in releasing back, neck, shoulder pain and bring you into a deep state of relaxation and tranquillity.

I bring you back to well-being and deep relaxation, helping your body and soul to heal.

My massage style is strong, yet very caring and nurturing. I incorporate many stretches in my treatment to help your muscles to relax even deeper.
Expect to have a deep restful night sleep after my massage.


Have you ever booked a massage and you paid for 60minutes, but only got a 50 minute or even less hands-on treatment?

With me, after I’ve finished your consultation and you are lying comfortably on my heated massage table; that is when your treatment time starts.

So how much will this wonderful massage cost you?

60 min massage £60.00

90 min massage  £90.00

120 min massage £120.00


Mobile massage service

I can come to your home, hotel or wherever you like to enjoy a fantastic massage, with my heated massage table, fluffy towels and organic oils.

There will be an out-call charge of £20 + parking charges and CC in London Zone 1-4. Please contact me for a quote.

Strong Deep tissue massage

Relaxing Healing massage


Sound healing

Pregnancy massage

With my extensive experience I offer you the highest quality massage that will leave you utterly relaxed and refreshed. You feel completely renewed in your being and your whole body feels as if he had a full workout.

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Why not buy a massage gift voucher for someone very special, and get a £10 off your next treatment. You next massage will only be £50.00.



Please note there can only be one discount applied per massage.


For any referral you will get £10 off you next treatment.

You only pay £50.00.







Please note there can only be one discount applied per massage.

Have a massage party and save

2 bookings or more you only pay for one out-call charge.

More than 5 bookings the host is getting a free massage.




Please note there can only be one discount applied per massage.

Where to find me:

My comfortable studio is located

Woolwich Royal Arsenal 

SE18 3PZ

Free street parking available. 

If you are using public transport, Nearest DLR and Train station is Woolwich Arsenal. Take the bus 386 from bus stop G opposite the taxi rank direct to my place. Alternatives bus 53 or 51 will drop you near Herbert Road and you have a 7 minute walk to my place.

Or take bus 244 from bus stop J to Herbert Road and 5 min walk to my place!